Special lamps for science, engineering and medicine


Special lamps for science, engineering and medicine

    High-intensity xenon lamps, XEBO

    XEBO lamps are short-arc high-intensity xenon lamps with particularly high luminance. The spectral energy distribution mainly takes place continuously and extends from the ultraviolet to the infrared range. The result is a light colour approximately equal to that of daylight. The special energy distribution is at the same time constant and largely independent of changes to the electrical operating values and burning life of the lamps. XEBO lamps are characterised by their high radiation stability.

    Use: The XEBO lamps are mainly used in precision optical equipment building (spectrometry, projection, colourfastness testing, sunlight simulation).

    Order No. Type Wattage Lamp current Type of current Lamp voltage Electrode distance   Data sheet
    5001500 XEBO 301 KH 300 W 17 A DC 18 V 1,5 mm   PDF