Light as a tool

Light as a tool

Light is an important production factor in many industrial processes. Special UV light is used in many areas and applications as an important catalyst or necessary tool to guarantee certain process results.

UV light is now used in numerous areas for all kinds of different purposes, e.g. water disinfection, material curing or hardening and paint drying as well as in modern printing processes. UV light can also be used effectively in material testing or in certain analysis methods. Here the different properties of UVA, UVB and UVC rays are used specifically and precisely.

Comprehensive products

NARVA offers a comprehensive product range of medium-pressure UV spotlights and low-pressure UV lamps. All customer wishes can be implemented professionally in the production of one-off items through to large series. For unique and specific light solutions.

Low-pressure UV spotlights

Low-pressure mercury spotlights

In the case of low-pressure mercury spotlights, the majority of the UV radiation is emitted by the mercury resonance line at 253.7 n.

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