Light is life – urban design

Light is life – urban design

Light sets decisive accents, especially in the design of our living space. It is able to immerse buildings, streets or squares into a unique atmosphere, and therefore enables us to quite literally place our environment in a different light.

Light brings colour into our towns and cities and ensures that we can feel at home. It therefore has an important influence on our everyday lives. Nowadays, in many towns and cities, important buildings or central and historical structures are illuminated impressively. This creates completely new and special points of attraction. In numerous places lighting belongs to the overall cultural concept of the urban planning.

Comprehensive products

With its wide range of high-pressure gas discharge lamps, NARVA provides the perfect starting point for all kinds of building lighting. From efficient, ceramic-based metal halide lamps through to high-intensity xenon lamps for powerful projectors, the NARVA product portfolio is able to fulfil a large number of needs and therefore to make an important contribution to brightening up our towns and cities.


High-pressure sodium lamps

NATRALOX® offers maximum luminous efficacy and durability and therefore enables active and economical management of total costs.

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Metal halide lamps

NACHROMA® enables optimum luminous efficacy and a long life by adjusting the lamps to the operating conditions (control gears).

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Ceramic metal halide lamps

Thanks to the outstanding light quality throughout its whole life, NACHROMA KERA® guarantees natural colour rendering with only minimum colour changes and low brightness losses.

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