Light is life - street lighting

Light is life - street lighting

The eye is one of the most important senses. Therefore light plays a decisive role in our everyday lives. During the day, natural light provides necessary orientation. At night artificial light sources take on this task and illuminate important places. A large number of these artificial light sources are installed in streets and in parks. In this application, light essentially fulfils two main tasks.

On the one hand, light is an important component in making our living space safe. Under the motto "see and be seen", it is an important safety factor in dark and confusing places. It helps us to identify hazards in our everyday life and to evade them early. NARVA products for street lightning therefore make an important contribution to making our streets, paths and parks safer with the help of modern and first-class quality lamps.

On the other hand, the quality requirements for the light used varies depending on the location. While highly trafficked roads the main aim is to see and be seen, in many inner-city areas and in parks the realistic rendering of colours also plays an important role.

Comprehensive products

NARVA offers a comprehensive range of products for all locations and standards. They conform to all international legal principles. They are consistently optimised for the respective use, in order to guarantee effective use of energy as well as maximum life. NARVA lamps therefore form the prerequisite for economic handling of financial resources too.


High-pressure sodium lamps

NATRALOX® offers maximum luminous efficacy and durability and therefore enables active and economical management of total costs.

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Metal halide lamps

NACHROMA® enables optimum luminous efficacy and a long life by adjusting the lamps to the operating conditions (control gears).

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Ceramic metal halide lamps

Thanks to the outstanding light quality throughout its whole life, NACHROMA KERA® guarantees natural colour rendering with only minimum colour changes and low brightness losses.

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