For maximum precision

For maximum precision

Sound technical knowledge and years of experience are incorporated in the production of our products.

Special lamps

Working with renowned manufacturers of analysis and measuring equipment, Narva develops and produces special lamps based on gas-discharge technology, which satisfy the very highest quality requirements. Sound technical knowledge, as well as years of experience is incorporated in the production and development of our products.


High-intensity mercury lamps

HGBO lamps are short-arc high-intensity mercury vapour lamps (mercury short-arc lamps). They have a particularly high luminance within the visible range and a high radiant intensity within the medium and long-wave UV range.

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Hollow-cathode lamps

Hollow cathode lamps emit atomic spectra of one or several chemical elements. This not only applies to the atomic spectra contained in the cathode material, but also for those in the ballast gas.

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High-intensity Xenon lamps

XEBO lamps are short-arc high-intensity xenon lamps with particularly high luminance. The spectral energy distribution mainly takes place continuously and extends from the ultraviolet to the infrared range. The result is a light colour approximately equal to that of daylight.

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Pulsed xenon lamps XEIO

In the case of pulsed xenon lamps, a particularly high light efficiency is achieved with xenon as a buffer gas in pulsed discharges. These lamps can be adapted to very many applications by modifying the buffer gas pressure and the geometrical parameters.

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UV lamps

Apart from drinking water and wastewater disinfection (degermination), these UVC spotlights are used to disinfect surfaces, for air disinfection, for forced testing of the UV resistance of materials, for the generation of ozone and for different photochemical and photobiological processes.

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