Light is life – plant lighting

Light is life – plant lighting

Our society and the requirements, expectations and wishes people have for their lives develop continuously. This trend is nowhere clearer than in the nutritional field.

The eating habits of today’s generation differ dramatically from those of bygone times. Fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables are available at anytime and anywhere. There is currently a high demand for such products the whole year round. In order to satisfy this demand, in recent decades a completely new industry has developed, which has set itself the task of having these fresh foods available at all times. But this means that they have to produce all year round under controlled conditions.

Optimum lighting of plants during all their growth phases is the basic requirements to enable high-yield production all year round.

Comprehensive products

NARVA G.L.E. provides a broad product portfolio for this purpose, which takes into account all the plants' needs and therefore ensures maximum yields.

NATRALOX® Vegetative

High-pressure sodium lamps

NATRALOX® Vegetative enables fast plant growth in all development phases and first-class yields. The particularly high luminous efficacy due to the NARVA super arc tube technology ensures a large blue fraction in the emissions spectrum and an effective PAR output during the whole life of the lamp.

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NACHROMA® Vegetative

Metal halide lamps

With its extraordinary light spectrum, NACHROMA® Vegetative ensures optimum plant growth and top yields. This lamp guarantees perfect lighting, especially matched to the needs of plant cultivation.

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