Light is the basis of human existence.

LIGHT is life

Light is the basis of human existence.

Street lighting

NARVA offers a comprehensive range of products for all locations and standards. We focus continuously on the legal principles, on optimising energy efficiency and maximising the life of our products.

Plant lighting

NARVA provides a comprehensive product range for correct lighting of plants during all their growth phases and a high yield all year round. This takes into account all the plants' needs and therefore ensures maximum yields.

General lamp expertise

NARVA brings light into the dark. Our high-pressure discharge lamps conform to the highest standards of German production technology and fulfil the specific requirements of all kinds of different applications and market segments.

Urban design

NARVA brightens up our towns and cities. The diversity of its high-pressure gas discharge lamps such as metal halide lamps or high-intensity xenon lamps provides the perfect starting point for all kinds of building lighting.