LED lamps

LED lamps

In the field of lighting LEDs have grown in importance in recent years.

Due to the prohibition of the incandescent lamps, there is a rapid development of LED technology. New types of lamps such as LED retrofit lamps have gained in importance and provide a serious alternative to traditional incandescent lamps.

The LED retrofit lamps benefit from the appearance of a conventional light bulb and the advantages of a LED. Because of the perfect fit for existing application systems, this bulbs can quickly and easily be exchanged. Lower power consumption as well as the long lifetime and high light quality are the key arguments for LED retrofit lamps.

Comprehensive products

In terms of trend NARVA G.L.E is far ahead. Due to increasing demand for mercury bulbs substitute, Narva G.L.E now offers different types of retrofit LED lamps. The LED retrofit lamps are the latest manifestations on the LED market and offer many advantages compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Convince yourself!