For modern and quality light solutions.

Optimum luminous efficacy

For modern and quality light solutions.

High-pressure gas discharge lamps

High-pressure gas discharge lamps, also called HID lamps (HID - high intensity discharge), offer various advantages compared to low-pressure discharge lamps. On the one hand they are extremely powerful, and on the other hand they are extremely durable and energy-saving. The large group of high-pressure discharge lamps includes mercury and sodium vapour lamps and metal halide lamps.


High-pressure sodium lamps

NATRALOX® offers maximum luminous efficacy and durability and therefore enables active and economical management of total costs.

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Metal halide lamps

NACHROMA® enables optimum luminous efficacy and a long life by adjusting the lamps to the operating conditions (control gears).

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Ceramic metal halide lamps

Thanks to the outstanding light quality throughout its whole life, NACHROMA KERA® guarantees natural colour rendering with only minimum colour changes and low brightness losses.

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